Our thinking is the cause of the things we struggle with in life. We can be quick to blame others when something goes wrong and we sometimes refer back to an earlier negative memory which has been imprinted on our wellbeing.

We all create our own reality. Our words create our world. Everything that happens is because we create it. Our language creates our reality, both internally and externally. Our language is the structure of our unconscious, the words we use create our conscious awareness. This creates our feelings and how we feel, which creates our experience of the world.

Our thoughts become our world. We live in the experience of our thinking.

Our thinking changes moment to moment which is why there are times when something silly can really upset you and other times you may surprise yourself by how well you just handled a tough situation really well.

Throughout our childhood we hear stories which ‘stick’ to us and when we grow up, we experience life events which can imprint in our thinking, which we then start to believe things such as ‘I was born a worrier’ or ‘I have been depressed for years so I always will be’. All these beliefs are caused by our thinking, we are not our thinking. Our thinking is just a made-up story. When I was little, I was convinced I could transport myself into a magical world, like Narnia. My thinking created this world, it felt real. It was just imaginary. 

In a previous corporate job, I was stuck in an environment where at the end of the day, my mind couldn’t switch off, my thinking was still racing over the events of the day and then I would be thinking and creating a story on what the next day at work would be like.

I would then try my best to switch off which caused even more thinking, so it became an impossible task.

When I realised what thinking was, it’s just an illusion, not real, I began to tune into my default setting. Calm, inner peace and wellbeing. We all have it. We were born with it and it is still inside us. We are all guilty of allowing our thinking being hijacked so we end up listening to the stories it creates instead or realising them as something made-up.

We are all born with this default setting. Our minds haven’t yet been exposed to fear and worry. I look at my boys playing (aged one and two), they have a complete sense of wellbeing. They don’t have any of these made-up stories in their heads.

I tell my clients don’t just try to absorb positive birth stories. There is no need. When you stop listening to your thinking, you find your default setting, your true self.

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