I teach women some of the most powerful birthing ‘tools and techniques’ to use before and during labour, but the most powerful one of them all is the one that you already have, deep within you. It is you. Your mind. Your own thoughts.


Your own thoughts create your feelings, what you see and what you experience. Only you are in control of this. You are the driver. Sounds simple right? Wrong.

Every day we all become guilty of our own thoughts being hijacked, twisted, manipulated by our own number one enemy. You. Your thoughts. 


By waking up and seeing what is actually true and what is not is how you create and experience the birth you desire. 


Sounds simple again? No. It isn’t which is why women are afraid of birthing their baby, they believe something may go wrong, they won’t be able to cope with the pain or what happened last time will go wrong again.


These thoughts, these predictions, these worries, they don’t exist. They are not real. It is impossible to predict the future. 


It’s amazing how we can identify a limiting belief that is impacting not only their experience of the pregnancy journey but creating fear and tension that is likely to have a negative affect for both you and your baby now and when it comes to you birthing your baby.

Your thoughts are creating your experience, what you see and feel. 


You create your birth.