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Every day women learn Hypnobirthing because they want to have a quicker birth where they will feel safe, calm, in-control or feel less pain. They don’t want to be frightened or anxious before and during their birth, but what I found out is that there are times when Hypnobirthing doesn’t work, which I discovered after I birthed my second baby. I went through a self-torturous twelve months and I couldn’t understand what went wrong, what did I do wrong, and why did the Hypnobirthing let me down.

But after a painful journey, I uncovered the fundamental missing piece which changed everything. I no longer say I had a traumatic birth.

My only regret is not knowing this before, which is why I want to share this course with Mothers, just like you.

I will teach you how to remain calm, be in control of your thoughts and create the birth you desire.

This course is not your usual Hypnobirthing course. This course is different. I’ve uncovered the missing piece, what is missing from Hypnobirthing. Yes, you will learn lots of valuable tools and techniques, become a pro in self-hypnosis, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to be aware of, to learn and understand what most Mothers don’t actually know is that this hidden, missing piece is what will determine your birth experience.

So I have created this course based on all of my knowledge, expertise and most importantly my birthing experience to give you the best opportunity and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Only £59!

What Will You Get?

  • 14 individual videos
  • 5 x MP3s Hypnosis Tracks to download
  • A course workbook in PDF format to download
  • A positive birth plan to download
  • A positive birth checklist to download
  • A sample copy Birth Declarations – AKA birth affirmations
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support

And There's More...3 FREE Bonuses!

  • My favourite breathing techniques guide to help deepen your relaxation. 
  • 2 Birth Companion Hypnobirthing guide’s – before the birth and one for during your birth. Having a supportive birth companion before and during the birth can have a massive impact on the day. 

Take control, take action and hit the buy now button to start looking forward to your birth.

Only £59!

Feel empowered and in control during labour

Imagine a birth feeling so empowering, in control and surrounded with love. Sometimes not all births go the way we hope. You will learn different techniques to help you remain in control and help you make decisions when necessary.

Remember your birth as a powerful and happy experience

Being able to remember the birth you desire is something you can treasure forever.

Have a strengthened bond with your baby.

You will learn how to connect with your baby, even before the arrival. This will flourish bonding.

Learn self-hypnosis

Hypnobirthing is a very safe and powerful way to help you achieve the birth you have only ever dreamt of. Imagine the feeling (the feeling that you believe is not even possible), the sounds and the smells of you birthing your baby, in your calmest, happy and safe place. I will teach you how to find this special place and you will learn how to quickly return there using self-hypnosis.

Feel safe

Every woman deserves to feel safe during childbirth. More and more women that have had a Hypnobirthing birth, reported that they felt safe.

Be prepared

Not only will you feel confident about your approaching birth, you will have the confidence of knowing that you have a whole toolbox ready for you to pick and choose when you need them.

PART ONE: Our Superpower vs Kryptonite. Why Oxytocin is our Superpower. Learn why being relaxed before and during birth can make birth so much easier.

PART TWO: Our Superpower vs Kryptonite. What happens if the bad hormone, Cortisol takes over? You will learn all of the ‘what if’s’ and ‘how’s’, and you will start paying attention to the things that do relax you. 

Why the language and stories you hear and see impact both your pregnancy and birthing experience, including that little voice inside your head and how to transform these messages into something that serves you.

How do you want to feel during labour? Where focus goes, energy flows. Lots of people fall into the trap of what they don’t want and not what they do want. This is the next level up from positive thinking!

Here we start to put our so-called positive belief system to the test by challenging and changing external messages.

How to bring your dream birth into your reality.

What is important to you when it comes to birthing your baby – do you actually know?

What…did I just say Birth Affirmations don’t work? Yes, I did! I will teach you why and you will learn what to use instead and how to create your own.

Here I introduce Hypnosis and it’s common for Mothers to feel ‘wowed’ when they experience this for the first time. We will be taking Hypnosis to the next level and you will discover your safe place by using self-hypnosis. You will be surprised by how easy this can be!

You will learn how to deepen your self-hypnosis by the use of an anchor.

How to remain in control if things take an unexpected turn.

What is pain and how to control it.

Do you want to have the perfect birth?

By learning the difference between wanting and intending to have the perfect birth can help you enjoy your pregnancy journey as you approach the birth of your baby.

You will also learn how a bucket of ice can reduce pain during labour!


The missing piece. What determines your birth experience?

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