The Course

This course is designed for every woman that desires an empowering birth

Week 1 - Empower

Do you really understand what your amazing body is actually capable of? Your body is truly incredible that it has created the start of your babies life and will be working very hard devloping your baby inside you for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Don’t worry, this is not a Biology lesson. When people don’t understand something, it can make them feel uneasy, anxious or fear can kick in. Just by understanding what the woman’s body is actually capable of, what we are made for, accepting what the woman’s incredible physical body is created to do can make a pregnant woman’s mind feel strong and prepared. 

The way how you experience your birth comes from within you. Your beliefs, your thoughts and how you create and experience your desired birth. We will uncover what your current birth beliefs are and I will guide you through how to turn you current beliefs into something that will feel so natural to you. 

Week 2 - Calm

During this session this is when people start to feel ‘wowed’ when they feel hypnosis for the first time. We will be taking Hypnosis to the next level and you will learn self-hypnosis. You will be surprised by how easy this can be!

The language from within and around you that you hear and see on a daily basis plays a major part to your journey. What I mean by language, is understanding how you can turn your words around into what you want to believe, hear and say. This will transform and strengthen your thoughts and feelings. 

Week 3 - Control

This session will really push your beliefs beyond what you thought was possible. You will understand the benefits of pain (really? Yes!) and you will learn how to interpret and control pain to a level and meaning that is comfortable for you.

One of the biggest curiosities I hear about Hypnobirthing is how do you reduce pain? I will teach you various pain control tools and techniques which you can use immediately and practice, ready for your desired birth. 

Week 4 - Bespoke

The final part of your journey is all about you, just you. During the final session we can really focus on anything you wish. Some women like to strengthen their new learnings, challenge any new thoughts or even eliminate any previous birth trauma. 

Bonus Pregnancy Yoga Session Online

After completing week 2, Calm, Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, Polly from Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studios will deliver online a specially created for only Hartley Hypnobirthing clients, an online pregnancy yoga session.
The session is designed to help you deepen your relaxation and connection with both your body and baby which complements everything you will learn with Hartley Hypnobirthing.
Polly will also share with you some of the best breathing techniques and comfortable positions for you to use before and during the birth of your baby.
By staying flexible and preparing your body for birth with Polly can help manage the aches and pains of pregnancy.

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