Birth Stories

Ava Belle

That evening we sat down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and I stayed rolling on my ball but I couldn’t keep still, so I had a bath and listened to my relaxation music, chilled out and went into the bedroom and put my pj’s on. I then went into spontaneous labour (on my due …

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Home birth


I cannot thank Shelley enough for my bespoke hypnotherapy. I had completed another hypnotherapy course elsewhere which was informative but I wanted a personalised recording like I did for my first baby that Shelley did. It was just what I needed to help me prepare, focus and relax. I listened to my recording before bed, …

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This was my first birth. I was very excited to meeting my first baby. As the birth was approaching, I pictured being in a dimly lit, warm room, with relaxing music in the background, the fresh smell of Lavender, whilst gently bobbing along in a pool of warm water. All in the comfort of my …

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Throughout the majority of my second pregnancy I had planned for a home birth, I had the birthing pool and the Midwives Box tucked away in the corner of the room ready. Prior to 32 weeks it looked like my home birth was going to happen this time as I had not tested positive for …

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