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What Do I Do?

I help women eliminate any fear of childbirth. I help women achieve the birth they really want. I help women love their birth. I teach women to have the birth they desire. I empower women to have a blissful Hypnobirth. I teach women to feel empowered. I help women eliminate any anxiety of childbirth. I help women change any previous birth trauma. The women I teach continue to use the techniques I teach them into motherhood.

I am the mother of two beautiful boys which both joined me into the world with Hypnobirthing. I am a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach. My ambition is to share the magic of Hypnobirthing with as many mothers as possible, like you, because every mother deserves the birth they desire.  

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Why Hartley Hypnobirthing?

Feel empowered and in control during labour

Imagine a birth feeling so empowering, in control and surrounded with love. Sometimes not all births go the way we hope. You will learn different techniques to help you remain in control and help you make decisions when necessary.

Remember your birth as a powerful and happy experience

Being able to remember the birth you desire is something you can treasure forever.

Have a strengthened bond with your baby.

You will learn how to connect with your baby, even before the arrival. This will flourish bonding.

Learn self-hypnosis

Hypnobirthing is a very safe and powerful way to help you achieve the birth you have only ever dreamt of. Imagine the feeling (the feeling that you believe is not even possible), the sounds and the smells of you birthing your baby, in your calmest, happy and safe place. I will teach you how to find this special place and you will learn how to quickly return there using self-hypnosis.

Feel safe

Every woman deserves to feel safe during childbirth. More and more women that have had a Hypnobirthing birth, reported that they felt safe.

Be prepared

Not only will you feel confident about your approaching birth, you will have the confidence of knowing that you have a whole toolbox ready for you to pick and choose when you need them.

It's not just about the tools and techniques. There is so much more to learn that will determine your birth experience.

The benefits of Hypnobirthing for you and your baby


  • Better quality sleep and rest with self-hypnosis and breathing skills.
  • Learn different breathing techniques to deepen relaxation.
  • Deepen your mind/body connection and understanding.
  • Eliminate any unwanted feelings such as fear, stress and anxiety.
  • Love your body as it changes.
  • Feel relaxed, prepared and excited about your birth.
  • Learn how to politely decline other peoples birth stories and comments.  
  • Start connecting deeply with your baby before the birth.
  • Learn how to encourage baby to get into the ideal position for birth.
  • Learn how to involve your partner so you feel supported. 


  • Your body will respond well during labour.
  • Know how to feel safe and in control.
  • You will have a readily available toolkit of relaxation and pain control techniques to use.
  • Less likely to use medical pain relief.
  • Research shows likely to be shorter labour.
  • Research shows less likely for any medical intervention (forceps, ventouse, emergency caesarean section)..  
  • Learn how to communicate to get your needs met.
  • Learn how to make informed choices.


  •          Less likely to have a longer hospital stay.
  •  Reduced use of pain medication means reduction of undesirable side effects for mother and baby.
  • A more positive birth experience reduces the risk of post-natal depression.
  • You can continue to use your self-hypnosis and relaxation to aid breastfeeding.
  • Many mothers report that their babies are more content, feed and sleep better due to their gentle passage into the world.
  • Many mothers report they found it easier to adjust and cope with family life, as they felt more centred.

Imagine a birth feeling so empowering, in control and surrounded with love.

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“There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it.”


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